Many Still Confused Over School Assessment System


Many Still Confused Over School Assessment System

THE School-Based Assessment (PBS) is still experiencing hiccups in its implementation nationwide and has left many confused, says the National Union of the Teaching Profession.

Its president, Hashim Adnan, said a meeting that took place between relevant stakeholders yesterday would tweak several issues beleaguering the system.

“I have school principals, teachers and parents who do not understand the new system. Parents are also not confident that this system is better than the previous,” he said when contacted by the New Straits Times.

He said teachers also complained that the system was not user-friendly. As a result, Hashim said the meeting would focus on a mechanism that allowed better understanding among school staff and parents.

“We will be using the media to promote greater understanding among the public about this plan and will announce it as soon as possible.”

He declined to comment further and said the final decision would be delivered by the Malaysian Examination Board and the Education Ministry.

The National Parent-Teacher Association also found the system confusing.

Its president, Assoc Prof Datuk Mohamad Ali Hassan, said the system had not alleviated the teachers’ administrative duties.

“I have received complaints from teachers and they are still bogged down by menial tasks.”

PBS was introduced in 2011 for all government and government-aided primary schools.

Last year, it was implemented for all government and government-aided secondary schools.

The programme assessed students based on different evidence markers, like their ability to read or count, and was based on a certain grade or “band”, starting from Band One to Band Six.

Although Ali welcomed the ministry’s focus on the initiatives under the Malaysia Education Blueprint (2013-2025) on Thursday, he said the education system was still exam-oriented.

He said the system needed to be “more fun” and advised that teaching methods be revised.

“The atmosphere in schools are still dull and students are unable to express their thoughts freely.”

by Punitha Kumar.

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